Saturday, October 12, 2013

Do you collect police patches?  I do.

My father was a deputy sheriff outside of St. Louis when I was a little girl.  Any time he would meet other deputies or police officers, he would try to get one of their shoulder patches and bring it home to me.  I would always cherish getting another new patch, and now that daddy is gone, I hold them as part of my memories of him.

Do you collect law enforcement patches?  If so, why?  Are you a cop who maintains your own personal collection?  Are you the child, or even a parent, of a law enforcement officer who collects them as a way to honor your cop?

Here on this blog, I hope to share some of my favorite patches with you.  I have custom patches from various specialized units, and a lot of the standard issue insignia used on the patrol officers' uniforms.  I hope you will share your thoughts and stories with me.

If you have patches with a story, I hope you will share that with the rest of us.  I may set up a way for everyone to post their own cloth patches with the stories that go with them.  I'm not sure how to set that up yet, or even if there would be any interest, but it is something I am thinking about.